A digital learning management system (LMS) to help teachers and students collaborate throughout the school year


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Wileyplus is an online platform that allows instructors to teach and students to learn, thereby bringing teachers and students together. The online platform allows educators to show case their skills and teach their students remotely, thereby freeing up time to grade their students and prepare quizzes.

The Wileyplus software is also a great help to students who may encounter challenges when completing their homework and assignments. Through the platform, a student can reach out easily to a teacher or tutor for guidance on their work. Wileyplus is not just an online textbook as one might think at first glance. It is more of a classroom management tool that has taken studying to a new level.

With Wileyplus, you are more than a teacher; you are a facilitator. The online learning platform provides many classroom resources to teachers who can then select the resources they want to share with their students. Since its invention in 1807, Wileyplus has evolved to develop new features that have improved its performance over the years.

Due to its versatile features and ease of use, Wileyplus has many uses in higher education, accounting, education management, e-learning, banking, chemicals, food production, biotechnology, primary education, secondary education, and information technology.


Support system

Wileyplus is a great online learning platform because it comes with an unbeatable support system. You get access to an account manager, a professional customer support staff, and other professional specialists that will work together with you to ensure that you meet the needs of your students.


Thanks to the efficient tools that the Wileyplus platform provides, students can get access to tools that allows them to navigate through the online books and review all the important sections with ease.


Apart from the useful tools that Wileyplus provides to all its users, it also contains many resources that offer an incredible learning experience. There is an online help for students on the platform that is available every day for 24 hours. Any student that encounters technical difficulty can get assistance immediately through the tool.

The reading resources are also very interactive, encouraging students to seek to understand what they read rather than just memorizing the content.


  • Wileyplus is very helpful to the teachers and students due to its numerous resources. Teachers can give their students online homework together with videos that show some of the examples being done. Teachers can also create as many versions of assessments as they see fit.
  • The online teaching platform is user friendly. All the teachers and students on Wileyplus can navigate the platform and get access to useful tools and resources that will enhance their learning and teaching experience.
  • The reading resources available for the students are very interactive. This makes the students participate actively in their studies thereby increasing their knowledge and understanding of the subject.


  • Some of the videos may have poor quality, which may cause great inconvenience to the students who rely on the videos for learning.
  • The services of Wileyplus may be too costly for some students.
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